Methodology How we work Since not all project as created equal, we utilize a proven production

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and design methodology which allows us to better manage project scope and creep. All project scope changes in one form or another during the design process. This is called project creep. We will conduct many major project scope and development meetings along the way that allow for changes or corrections needed for the overall application design. Simply put…our systematic approach allows for better project management. * Identifying project scope * Decisions and Planning * Proposal of Time/Function * Graphics Design * Design & Development

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* Testing, Testing again * Product Launching * Management/Maintenance * Trouble Tickets (before, during and after deployment) Identifying project scope If you have not already, then now is the time, sit down and sketch out your goals and ideas for your solutions application then schedule a meeting with our project managers in order to help define the project goals. We find that it is useful if you do your own review and brainstorming session before we step in. This allows us to know the overall problems you are faced with so really is just a

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getting the facts meeting. Decisions and Planning Our project management team will take both your written outline along with all information gathered during the identifying project scope meeting; in order to assist you in developing both project scope and sub-scope. This is the most important stage. If we rush through this it may

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end up costing more in the design phase. So, we like to have the work order developed and a signed proposal including time tables. The signing party will include you the client, our project manager, and our development team. Once this step is completed the development begins. Graphic Design Congratulations…the design stage has started. We will first complete the layout, a skeleton site design, which defines all site backgrounds, pages and menus. The overall site pages and graphics, putting logo and developing icons as needed. All menus and main page body is developed. Once you are happy with the graphics and overall menus then we will proceed to the next step of design and development. Design and Development The major portion of each project will be spent in this stage. So it is important to break this stage down into sub stages that make sense for your specific project. Each sub stage will have its own work order and time stamp on deliverable. Testing/Testing Again Your project must be tested out of each work order written, this task is performed by both our project manager as well as your management input. Only until our project manager has approved the completed work order will the site status be demonstrate. Through testing sometimes comes modification to original work order depending on results of testing. We want to make sure our design is of the best results so feedback from development is a very important part of the overall development. Production Launch

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This is the most exciting stage as you begin to see the dividends begin to pay off from the investment of both you time and money. We focus on your needs the whole way through from design to roll out. Mindful of your current day to day operations, we will work after hours to set up the application on either your server or ours if we are hosting. In the morning we will be available to handle anything that comes up. So, as to clear our schedules in order to accommodate your needs during the first few days of the role out, we never roll out more than one project on a given day. A product handbook, which is established at the completion of each project by the project manager will define each business solution accomplished while building your solutions application. We distribute this handbook to your staff members and/or customers in order to make the transition to “a new way of doing something” for all involved. We will conduct studies of what each user likes or does not like to promote feedback that may reduce more business redundancies. All users must acknowledge understanding of the developed solution as it relates to their job before launch is complete. Management and Maintenance After your application goes LIVE, we are always available for any new function or modifications you wish to add or make to your application. We understand what it means, to go LIVE and realize our responsibility and pleasure to manage and maintain your new business asset to the fullest extent of service. We are always willing to do whatever it takes in order to take care of any problems immediately. Trouble Tickets After your application has been launched you may occasionally run across functions are running sluggish from time to time. Sometime when a project is still being worked on certain functions can fail due to the code being broken at any given time. While we are working on any maintenance during an open maintenance work order, we will always show an under construction icon on the main page. IF you have any problems while the site is under construction or during normal production use, you may enter an RFT (request field ticket) through the administrative link at the lower left of all pages. We will review all RFT’s and report them to your applications manager, or whoever is

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set as the management position over the content of your site. We will assist in coming up with solutions in order to better benefit your company.